Proprietary Martech

That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Generating Results

The proprietary, end-to-end marketing technology suite, developed in-house at Digital Media Solutions® (DMS), connects digital advertisers with publishers and tracks digital performance marketing data in real time, offering valuable insight into consumer behaviors and campaign performance.

Consumer Intelligence Database

Robust consumer engagement tracked and experience-driven matching engines deployed to maximize consumer engagement and conversions.

  • 150 million consumer profiles developed from portfolio consumer interactions
  • Data-based insights leveraged for campaign planning, decisioning and optimizations

Proprietary End-To-End Digital Advertising Tech Stack

Our vertical- and channel-agnostic proprietary digital advertising technology stack connects brands with customers and near customers when they’re most likely to take action.

  • Connects advertising clients with publishers at scale
  • Behaviorally targeted consumer segments hone in on individuals with proven interest
  • Technology platforms provide visibility into inquiry outcomes using AI-driven, real-time reporting

Single Source Of Truth

Our proprietary marketing technology tracks granular campaign performance to provide a clear and accurate understanding of marketing ROI.

  • Pre-lead and post-lead data connected for attribution and results calculations
  • Campaigns regularly optimized to maximize engagement while minimizing spend

SaaS Marketing Technology Suite

Our proprietary suite of proprietary and SaaS marketing technology helps marketers manage complex customer acquisition campaigns, scaling digital marketing efforts while centralizing marketing and lead data to enhance campaign performance and boost marketing ROI.

  • DMS ExchangeTM connects digital advertisers and publishers at scale
  • Sparkroom lead management system provides multi-layered, actionable marketing intelligence to streamline campaign management and performance
  • MastodonTM click platform leverages intuitive user interface to help digital advertisers drive targeted audience segments to branded engagements

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